The leading & integrated software solution for the Family Offices, Private Investment & Asset Management industry


IT4Wealth® provides ROBUST CAPABILITIES for:

Portfolio management, straight-through Portfolio & Partnership Accounting, aggregated Portfolio & Performance reporting, complex Ownership structures management, prescriptive Asset Allocation modeling & Rebalancing, Portfolio Analytics, Risk management, Benchmarking, Stockholders management with shares transfers, certificates and reporting, embedded CRM with portfolio data, BI & data mining and visualization tools interface, Communications, Time billing & more.

IT4Wealth® was jointly developed by Investment portfolio managers & IT experts specifically for the Family Office & Private Investment industry with portfolios across all asset classes, especially managing Alternative investments.

IT4Wealth® focus is to AUTOMATE & STREAMLINE IN A SINGLE PLATFORM the office's CORE operational, analytical, visualization and reporting capabilities, to keep control of the DATA IN-HOUSE and to be a truly COST-EFFICIENT solution as a standalone or in a best-of-breed environment.



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